It will have you jumping through hoops

Solutions to prevent shoplifting accessories like hoop earrings are hard to come by. Hard tags are too bulky to hook onto the earring cards. Even the smaller fashion tags are bulky when used on such a small surface area. They are also not very nice to look at and detract from pristine jewelry displays.

 Soft tags, which can be embedded into the jewelry cards, are not an effective retail anti theft device. The soft tags are either torn off, or the cards themselves are discarded as a shoplifter conceals the earrings.

 Using the new Jewel Lok retail anti theft devices is the new best practice solution that has been tested in several retail stores already. What they have found is that the Jewel Lok is not only simple to use, but also simple to remove at the point of sale and has a much better success rate than its soft tag counterparts.

 There are two locking mechanisms for the Hoop Earring Jewel Loks. The go through the hole in the jewelry card, and the earring slides through the lock and the push buttons lock them securely in place.

 On a side note, the Jewel Loks are reversible so you can use them on either the right or left earring.

 To remove the locks, just place them on the detacher and push the buttons again to release. Just make sure you don’t put credit cards on the detacher as it may demagnetize the strips on the back of credit or debit cards.

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