It takes a CULTURE to truly prevent shoplifting.

We use the word “culture” a lot in business.  As we have all gotten a little smarter we have realized that all initiatives, in order to be successful, have to have the buy in of the associates at large. To prevent shoplifting there is no exception.

 There are many tools to help prevent shoplifting.  Retail anti theft devices such as EAS tags, Keepers, CCTV, etc. are all useful tools to aid in your shoplifting problem.  In truth though, it takes much more than these.  It takes a culture of awareness and commitment to protect the merchandise.

 For example, I have several stores where the managers don’t really believe in the value of our retail anti theft devices.  In turn, the associates are not diligent in ensuring the tags are on the products and the systems work properly.  Additionally, they do not pay any attention when the EAS alarm goes off.  It is no coincidence that these stores are my high shrink and high theft stores.

 On the other hand I have several stores where this is a focus.  The whole associate base (down to the baggers) knows what to look for in a shoplifter and they know the right kind of “customer service” to give suspicious characters.  They test their Checkpoint EAS systems daily to ensure functionality.  They also ensure that all items on the tagging list are protected.  To no surprise, they do a fantastic job in protecting the product.  When they do get thieves, they are typically not professionals and they “spook” a lot of potential thieves away by being alert.

 In order to really get at the root of shoplifting you have to create a culture of awareness and understanding.  Then you will really see the value of your retail anti theft devices in action.

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