It’s Never Too Late to Think About The Prom

There is a high school around the corner from my house that is proudly displaying their upcoming prom on the billboard. As I walk through the produce section of my local grocery store, there are boxed corsages of orchids and lilies just waiting to be scooped up by an anxious young high schooler who forgot to order one in advance. The department stores have their ball gowns front and center to catch a girl’s eye as she passes through. Ahh, Prom Time.

 It’s the time of year when young love is at it’s finest. It’s also a big time for overextended high school students to start wardrobing. Prom dresses and accessories are not in danger of being stolen. This isn’t a time to be concerned with how to prevent shoplifting. Retail anti theft devices like hard and soft tags won’t be effective against wardrobing. What is effective is a Shark Tag.

 A Shark Tag is a plastic clamp that is placed in a conspicuous spot on a garment. The shark tags are designed to be easily removed after purchase with a pair of scissors. It is a store’s big win to prevent returns on single use outfits like prom dresses. A cashier needs only to explain that the item cannot be returned if the shark tag has been removed.

 By eliminating these refunders, you will increase your profits by eliminating needless returns of worn merchandise. You will also have the proper in stock for the true sale.

 Visit the Loss Prevention Store for retail anti theft devices in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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