It’s hard to prevent shoplifting, but Alpha makes it easier.

We all know how hard it is to prevent shoplifting even when the store is slow.  It is especially hard to prevent shoplifting during the busy times.  There are increased customers, increased inventory coming into the stores and employee stress increases.  Trying to add shoplifting prevention to the mix is just one more iron on an already blazing fire.  Here is where you have a partner.  Retail anti theft devices are designed to help save you time and stress worrying about shoplifting.

 One vendor of retail anti theft devices that I recommend is Alpha security.  Alpha is a leader in innovative solutions for theft prevention.  Two key products for this time of year are keeper cases and spider wraps.  Keeper cases are plastic cases that you can lock your merchandise in.  They can be purchased in many sizes to fit a wide variety of merchandise.  Some of the custom sizes are made to fit: infant formula, DVD’s, video games, cosmetics, razor blades, etc.  They can be used by a wide range of retailers.  The big benefit is that you can allow self-service while still “locking” up your expensive and high theft items.  They also have built in EAS tags that will work with your existing EAS systems.

 Spider wraps are another great item.  They come in 2 sizes and are wires with an EAS sensor and tamper sounder attached.  The spider wrap wires can be adjusted to fit most any boxed item you have from GPS units to Flat Screen TV sets.  They will set off the EAS if attempt to be stolen and if the wire is cut there is a powerful sounder that will raise an alarm.  Both solutions from Alpha will help take the worry out of theft and allow you to focus on SALES, SALES, SALES!!!

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