Is your hair HOT?

One of the hottest fashion statements a person can make right now is the use of clip in feathers and hair extensions to change their look. As most trends, these accessories can range in price and even go up into the hundreds while they are in style. This can be terrifying for the owners of beauty supply chains throughout the country.

 Right now some of the top most stolen items, particularly in the Greater Atlanta area, are hair extensions (Click here for Story). These extensions are either synthetic or human hair and are extremely expensive in some cases. Beauty supply stores owners are having such a high theft problem with these items that in some cases they have to worry about their own safety.  Luckily there are retail anti theft devices that can be implemented to help prevent these items from walking out the door.

 Checkpoint Security Systems have several products that can be attached to these hair extensions (or weaves) that will sound an alarm if they are taken without going through the cash register. The Fashion2 Mini hard tag can be pinned through the woven part of the hair extension and is small enough to fit inside packaging in most cases. There are also retail security labels that can be attached to the outside of packaging and can also be used on other high theft beauty supply products, such as hair dye and high end scissors.

 If you are a beauty supply store owner you have heard of these thefts and you are more than likely a victim, whether you know it or not. Stop letting your profits walk out and be made on the street. Stop shoplifters from stealing your high end weaves today!

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