Is It really Possible to Prevent Shoplifting?


I sometimes hear from store managers the question about if it is possible to prevent shoplifting. A good question and one that can be answered simply, yes.

Two of the best ways to prevent shoplifting are checkpoint systems and employee awareness. Let’s start with checkpoint systems. These tools were developed to prevent shoplifting and to increase customer and employee awareness. In order for checkpoint systems to work to prevent shoplifting your entire staff must execute the program as it was designed.

A couple of my stores with checkpoint systems recently told me about issues they had a few years before they had access to checkpoint systems. They wanted to prevent shoplifting but only reacted to the shoplifting incidents and had nothing in place to prevent it from happening in the first place. Their stores were overrun with shoplifters and not just by the professionals; these were average customers that saw how easy it was to steal and simply walked out with merchandise. These stores needed help, and they needed it fast. They looked into Checkpoint and decided to go with a great system that would help protect their merchandise and impact shoplifting.

Almost immediately after the stores installed checkpoint antennas, shoplifting was dramatically decreased. The managers told me they saw many customers stop and look at the antennae as if they were some sort of “alienish” device.

So, can shoplifting be prevented? Of course. It takes good planning and the right tools, but it certainly can be prevented.

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