Is It Possible to Prevent Shoplifting?

Yes, it is very possible to prevent shoplifting. In fact, some of the best ways to prevent shoplifting can be done by using Checkpoint systems.

Checkpoint systems operate in your stores by recognizing merchandise with an attached label or tag. As the merchandise is passed through the checkpoint systems, the checkpoint systems antenna activates setting off an audible alarm.

One of the first times I had seen checkpoint systems, I was working to prevent shoplifting as a loss prevention agent with a small grocery chain. The store had a huge problem in the health and beauty section. Boxes of aspirin, high end shampoos, razor blades and more, were very high theft, easily resalable merchandise. In order for me to prevent shoplifting, I had to know what to look for and where to spend most of my time. Of course, this required me to spend the majority of surveillance on health and beauty. Sure enough, in an 8 hour shift, I would catch several people throughout the day stealing merchandise. Whether it was the single mother pushing an empty baby stroller, clearing the shelf or the drug addict pocketing as many eye drops as he could fit in his pockets, I caught them.

Working in the loss prevention field can be very fulfilling, and rewarding. Especially when you are working for a company you enjoy and are given the freedom to utilize your professional capabilities. If you are a business looking to stop losses, look in to hiring loss prevention professionals. They’ll give your business a thorough assessment and make the appropriate recommendations to stop losses and boost your profits and no doubt most will recommend checkpoint systems.

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