Is It Possible to Prevent Shoplifting In Your Stores?

Yes. It is very possible to prevent shoplifting in your stores. Shoplifting is a nuisance and if left unchecked, can ruin a business. So what can be done to prevent shoplifting in your stores?

Retailers have been battling shoplifting for many, many years. Of these years of battle, retailers can agree that shoplifting may never go away completely, but there certainly are ways to prevent shoplifting from occurring and greatly reduce the amount of loss incurred. An effective method of control or preventing loss is by using retail anti theft devices. You have the merchandise in your stores, you have the employees to work and make sales, now you need to retail anti theft devices to help prevent shoplifting, boost your profits and promote your business growth.

In a discount clothing chain I once worked for, the stores were reluctant to incorporate retail anti theft devices initially, because they did not want to spend the money on the investment. What this told me was they were not sold on the effectiveness of the retail anti theft devices available on the market. My job was clear, I had to show results. I talked an owner into testing some of these retail anti theft devices on merchandise considered high theft, or high shrink and we would monitor the sales and shrink over the next 30 days. It was pretty simple. In fact, the security devices we used, impacted theft so distinctly within the first week, the owner was encouraged to roll out a store wide program.

It certainly is possible to prevent shoplifting in your stores. It takes dedication, the right tools and a plan to execute. In the long run, if you stick to your plan you will certainly see an impact on shrink and theft in your stores.

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