Incremental sales to major losses

Jewelry and accessories are a fun part of working in retail. Although it is typical to find fashion accessories in most clothing retailers, I have noticed a trend in not so traditional stores selling jewelry.

 They are mostly located up at the wrap stands for add on sales. Even more retailers are selling them during the holiday shopping season, and for retail, it is never to late to start thinking about holiday sales.

 I was working in a home fashions boutique and we would periodically get in shipments of little bracelets. Because we really had no need for retail anti theft devices (EAS) on the majority of our merchandise (hard tag a couch? Not so much.) We would see a huge issue with theft on our bracelets.

 Even at $5 or $10 dollars a pop, these little wonders sure did a number on our shrink. Because we did such a low volume of sales, these losses really added up.

 It would have been nice to have access to a great new product like the Jewel Lok. Designed to work with the existing systems, Jewel Loks are tiny little locks that (for bracelets) are like a mini padlock.

 The protective coating makes sure that the hoop does not scratch the bracelet. The detachers are also relatively small. Because of the space constraints, it would have been nice to have a system that felt like it was designed just for our needs. Exactly what the Jewel Loks are designed to do.

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