Increase Your Sells Decrease Your Steals

In my role as a loss prevention manager, I take pride in my efforts to prevent shoplifting in my store.  I know that I want be able to see and detain every shoplifter that enters my store.  This means that there are going to be times when I’m away from the store and no one will be watching the merchandise. Given this truth, I ensure that my store use retail anti theft devices.

            All retail anti theft devices are designed to create a visible deterrent and also an obstacle for any potential shoplifter.  As a loss prevention manager, I know it is important to prevent shoplifting whenever possible, as detaining shoplifters can be dangerous and costly in terms of time.  I would much rather prefer to not detain a suspect that I believe has shoplifted if I they are with a group of individuals.  I have to think of my safety and the safety of others around me.  Also, I have had to sit in court for hours on some shoplifting cases; this kept me away from my store and possibly allowed other shoplifters to hit my store.  It is a far better use of my time figuring out ways to prevent shoplifting. 

Security tags, security labels and security pedestals are just some of the retail anti theft devices I use to deter shoplifting.  These devices are cost effective for the stores and adds to the store’s overall merchandise protection strategy.  I also use retail anti theft devices on merchandise that is not displayed on the sales floor.  These devices help prevent internal theft as well as external theft.  Having these devices on your merchandise decreases their likelihood of being stolen.

            I have seen the benefits of including retail anti theft devices in a loss prevention program.  In order to prevent shoplifting, stores must focus on proven effective prevention methods.  Adding these anti theft devices to your loss prevention program is a smart choice.

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