Increase sales with the Showsafe system.

Most business owners understand the importance of putting products in customer’s hands.  All sales are much like buying a new car.  If you look at the car on-line your interest might be piqued.  If you go to the lot and look at the car you start to “feel the itch”.  Once you take the car for that test drive you are sold.  The same thing goes for standard retail items as well.  The problem that we all face is theft.  You wouldn’t let someone test drive the car without a salesman with them.  To that end, I wonder how many car sales are lost because that customer looked, but did not drive.

 Again, we can apply the same logic to retail sales.  A customer may read about a new electronic gadget on-line.  They then may come to your store to look at it.  If they see it through a case and they can’t touch it, feel it, play with it and experience what that device has to offer then your chances of a sale are greatly reduced.  But just like that car, you can’t afford to let people have full access to high priced small electronics or they will be gone.  Enter Showsafe.  This is a retail anti theft device by Alpha security that allows you to display products for customers to be able to handle and test out while still helping you prevent shoplifting. 

 The showsafe system has cables that attach the handheld electronic devices to the system.  The customers can pick up and “test drive” the product, but the security cables prevent shoplifting from occurring.  If some wise guy tries to cut the cable, the system will alarm and give the employees time to react to the theft.  Showsafe is a win-win solution to aid in sales and prevent shoplifting.

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