Increase Sales – Prevent Shoplifting

While retailers focus on selling their merchandise, which they should, they absolutely cannot ignore retail theft prevention and make efforts to prevent shoplifting.  Retail theft takes a hefty bite out of profits, which cancels out a large amount of sales. So the retailer is forced budget time and money away from what’s most productive for him – merchandising and selling – and devote it to protecting his merchandise and his business.

All retailers are familliar with the formula that $1.00 in stolen merchandise equals the profit from $20.00 of sales at a 5% margin.  A shoplifter who gets away with a jacket valued at $100.00 means the retailer has to sell the equivalent 20 more jackets ($2000.00) just to break even.  A lot of sales effort and profit leaves along with the stolen merchandise.

But instead of letting the merchandise walk out the door what if there were retail anti theft devices that would literally blow the whistle when a stolen item was taken from the store.

Checkpoint Security Systems provides exactly such a device.  In fact, there are several models of Checkpoint systems that are applicable in any retail setting.  Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels are available for almost any type and style of merchandise.  The relatively small investment to prevent shoplifting as a source of inventory loss is well worth it.

Checkpoint Security Systems is a leader in the manufacture and development of retail theft prevention devices, giving retailers the peace of mind to apply themselves toward the focus of the business – selling.

Retailers can free up time and get a quick return on investment by using Checkpoint Security Systems to guard the door to prevent shoplifting and grow sales and profits.

A retail theft prevention self-assessment will show the improvement in day-to-day operations of any store that initiates a program to prevent shoplifting.

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