In the Corral – Alpha Spider Wrap

We recently re-designed the tool area of our store. Because the new area is a closed off horseshoe shape, it was deemed a corral. The concept was to reduce our shrink in power tools. If the shoplifters only had one way in and one way out of the department, there would be a greater chance of them being detected. Unfortunately, this didn’t work as well as expected so we went to plan B – the Alpha Spider Wrap made by Alpha Security.

Our corral would probably have worked out well, if we had taken the time to staff it correctly. Since the right hand (who made payroll decisions) didn’t know what the left hand (our loss prevention team) was doing, it was unfortunately a doomed concept from the start.

With no one watching the area, it didn’t matter how many exits there were out of the department. What did work was the implementation of the Alpha Spider Wraps. These wraps were attached to the outside of the boxes of our high theft power tools. Now there was a means to permanently prevent shoplifting regardless of how many labor hours involved.

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