If the Shoe Fits

I have a friend who loves shoes. Anytime we go out, she spends more time checking out the shoes going by than anything else. Heaven forbid that we go past a shoe store without stopping. She is a die-hard shoe fanatic! She often jokes about how a pair of shoes would be great to have, but she would only wear them once. Maybe she should just get them and return them.

 Now, my friend has always put the shoes back on the shelf. She works in retail also and would have a serious moral breakdown if she ever even came close to wardrobing. Unfortunately, we both know that there are plenty of people out there who would not have such a moral dilemma and would buy the shoes for a one-time event, and then return the shoes.

 Checkpoint isn’t just about how to prevent shoplifting. They have retail anti theft devices that also apply to these sorts of situations. The Shark Tag is a clip that attaches with a pin to a garment. It is designed to be removed at home. The Shark Tag may not fit on every pair of shoes, but could be attached onto thin straps of dressy shoes.

 While there is no EAS on the Shark Tag (like a hard or soft RF tag), it s still a visual deterrent that unless you are planning on paying (and keeping) this product, you should just keep on walking.

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