If only we had Jewel Loks…

Many LP professionals have had a known theft suspect they couldn’t wait to arrest. They were aware of the subject, but for whatever reason, this person had evaded detainment and continued to steal from their store. While working for one company, I had a woman who came in multiple times per month and treated our store like a swap meet, leaving her old earrings on the cards and taking ours. Whenever she entered the store, we would initiate surveillance and intend to make a detainment, but she would either dump the merchandise or we’d be uncertain which items she took.

 In my experience, jewelry is one of the toughest items to protect against loss. It’s challenging to maintain observation of such a small item when it’s being carried by a moving person or being palmed in their hand. Jewelry can be easily concealed and just as easily dumped, increasing the likelihood of an unproductive stop. Many companies place additional apprehension requirements for jewelry items as a result of the risk they create for retailers. I’ve made the difficult decision many times to let a shoplifter go because I wasn’t willing to gamble my job or jeopardize my employer on an item that may have been either stolen or dumped. Obviously, detainment isn’t going to be the answer to retailers’ jewelry theft problem.

Because so many challenges face retailers trying to protect their jewelry from five finger discounts, the creation of the Jewel Lok is like a miracle. Introduced in 2011, this innovative retail anti-theft device from Alpha Security resolved the aesthetic display dilemma others before it couldn’t. My favorite feature of this solution is that a shoplifter attempting to defeat it will break the jewelry before they can remove it. If my store had the Jewel Lok, we wouldn’t have a collection of that subject’s earrings which we plan to return to her when we finally get her someday.

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