How to prevent shoplifting

If you are reading this you are likely a retailer who has recently experienced loss looking for ways to help prevent shoplifting.  If you have been in business a little while you know that inventory shrinkage – inventory loss is going to happen and there is only one way to not have any, close the doors and send every employee home.  It is a matter of reducing your losses to a reasonable acceptable level.

Let’s fix some thinking about CCTV: cameras do not prevent shoplifting on significant levels.  Cameras will deter the impulsive shoplifter who is not your typical thief.  Not worth the investment to simply deter that group.  Amateur and professional shoplifters know that no one is watching the cameras and they totally ignore them.

Your burglar alarm is a mute point…it is only in use when you are closed.

The use of an EAS system (electronic article surveillance) such as a Checkpoint system will prevent shoplifting better than anything else short of hiring loss prevention security agents to walk the store. 

The presence of the Checkpoint system will keep most shoplifters out…studies show 85%.  And this majority makes up the most losses.  What’s left are the professional who will steal no matter what, but thank goodness they are the minority.

So number one way to prevent shoplifting is employ security personnel, second best, install a checkpoint system.

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