How to Prevent Shoplifting with Repeat Offenders – Atlanta Georgia

Depending on the part of town in which you do business it may be slightly more difficult to prevent shoplifting than in others. The socioeconomic status of the surrounding area can seriously dictate the criminal propensity and moral ineptitude of your patrons. For example, several months ago I happened by a young man who was so busy stuffing merchandise down the front of his pants that he hardly noticed me. After my detective and I stopped him outside the store we realized why – the guy was higher than a bald eagles beak.

He sat in the office nodding in and out of consciousness and rambling incoherently until the police arrived and took him away. 2 weeks later he returned to the store. Once again he was high and smelling like a cross between a Grateful Dead concert and an angry mule. Once again he was arrested, but this time it only took 3 days for him to return. In all we had this young man arrested 7 times. It became evident that this tactic was not going to work with this individual. He had no fear of arrest or prosecution so it was nearly impossible to prevent shoplifting in his case.

Finally, we circulated a picture of the young man to every manager, clerk and security guard in the building with instructions to contact loss prevention the moment he was spotted. At that point we simply denied him entrance to the store and immediately escorted him off of the property. After several attempts he finally figured it out and no doubt took his shoplifting endeavors elsewhere. In cases of the drug addicted, extreme poor or mentally challenged the threat of arrest and prosecution is not enough to deter them. It is in these cases that it may become necessary for you to think outside the box in order to prevent shoplifting .

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