How to Prevent Shoplifting – Atlanta Georgia

 As I’m sure you’ve discovered by now there is no fool-proof way to prevent shoplifting. Your goal is simply to make your more desirable merchandise difficult to get to or come away with undetected. This will usually have the desired effect of deterring the average shoplifter and sending them elsewhere to do their shady business. However, in certain situations you may come across shoplifters of another kind. The drug addicted and mentally challenged pose a different set of problems for the loss prevention investigator. They normally don’t realize what they’re doing or can’t control their impulsive natures. So, how do you combat this?

 The other day I walked into one of our sites and saw that a co-worker had already apprehended a middle aged woman that I have come to know very well. This was her 9th time being arrested for shoplifting at one of our locations. The woman is obviously mentally challenged and driven by impulses she can’t control. Now unless you’ve got the heart of a Hitler you can’t help but feel sorry for her and the cards she’s apparently been dealt. At the same time you can’t just let her walk out with your merchandise either. In order to prevent shoplifting in a case like this you have to be continually vigilant.

 “She’ll be back.” Those were the words the responding officer left us with when he walked out with the woman in handcuffs, and he’s right. There’s no question that as soon as they let her back out into society she’ll be back in this or another store where she’ll begin the process all over again. Until the justice system catches up to our needs the loss prevention investigator must keep their eyes peeled for individuals like this and continue to “soldier on” if you will. Like I said earlier, there is no fool-proof way to prevent shoplifting but your understanding of the situation and dedication to the job can make the process much easier.

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