How to Prevent Shoplifting

If you should happen to be the lucky guy/ gal charged to prevent shoplifting within your organization the first thing you need to understand is that there are 2 different kinds of shoplifters. The first kind of shoplifter is the amateur; the teenagers, housewives, etc. who browse through your store and seize the opportunity to steal where and when it arises. The second kind of shoplifter is the professional. Often referred to as “boosters”, these people come into your store with the sole intention of shoplifting. They may utilize special clothing or techniques to accomplish this task.

In order to prevent shoplifting in amateurs you simply need to make the task more difficult. For these people stealing is a crime of opportunity. Eliminate the opportunity and you’ll eliminate a large portion of the crime. You do this by utilizing EAS or ink tags, posting fitting room attendants, putting up signs that read: “This store is monitored by CCTV” or “Shoplifters will be prosecuted”. Anything that reminds them that someone is watching and that you are aware of the threat of shoplifting will usually serve as a decent deterrent.

When it comes to the professionals you will need to be a little more aggressive in order to prevent shoplifting. They too will seek out the easy targets, however, they’re aware of the measures used by most stores and they adjust their patterns accordingly. Establish a presence on the sales floor and teach your associates what to look for (i.e. long coats, booster pants, etc.). Be sure to aggressively prosecute all cases to the fullest extent of the law. Professionals have a network and they communicate. If they believe they can talk their way out of jail, or police contact, there is no risk and they will come back again and again. It is vital that you maintain awareness of the 2 kinds of shoplifters in order to prevent shoplifting in your stores.

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