How to Prevent Shoplifting

As a retailer it is always in the back of your mind how to prevent shoplifting . However, you can’t really begin to stop it until you understand why it happens. According to research performed by the Urban Institute, shoplifting is usually a crime of opportunity perpetrated by regular customers, particularly juveniles, and is often considered a gateway for juveniles into other criminal activities. Shoplifting tends to be more problematic for businesses located near city centers, high-traffic areas, schools, and areas of concentrated low-income residents. Smaller retailers, especially those without organized loss prevention, are also at greater risk of shoplifting.

Now, chances are you specialize in more than just one item. So, in order to prevent shoplifting you must also be aware of what merchandise the average shoplifter is interested in. Hot items for shoplifters include tobacco products, CDs, video games, earrings, birth control products, decongestants, and brand-named clothing or footwear. Products such as cigarettes and alcohol are susceptible to shoplifting by minors because they are unable to purchase them legally. Birth control products, such as condoms or pregnancy tests, are vulnerable because shoplifters are often too embarrassed to purchase these items.

I know some of you are reading the above paragraphs and thinking “who cares?” You don’t want to know why an individual shoplifts; you just want to know how to stop them. Well, the hard fact is this: anyone can be a shoplifter, and if you spend all your time eyeballing every single person that walks into your store you’re not going to have time to do what you’re actually there to do – make money. Therefore, taking a few minutes to understand the average shoplifter, their motivation and the items they are most likely to try to steal can go a long way to helping you prevent shoplifting altogether.

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