How can you afford to not prevent shoplifting?

Some retailers I have dealt with claim that they can’t afford to prevent shoplifting. They don’t see why they should spend the money on anti shoplifting devices and training for their employees. They don’t think they need to prevent shoplifting because they don’t think it’s really a problem.

 The sad part is these retailers often don’t realize they were wrong until inventory time. Lets say you find packaging for a $10.00 bracelet shoved in a shelf. Someone has obviously taken this product. After you figure in the net markup for this product (Including your bills and payroll which is usually 2% for most retialers). To make up the cost of loss for the $10.00 bracelet you would have to sell 50 of the same $10.00 bracelet. Don’t believe me? Check the math!

$10.00 / 0.02= $500.00

 Now when you think about it, think about how many packages for $10.00 bracelets or wrappers for $20.00 dvd’s or tags for $50.00 dresses you’ve found this year. Can you really afford to not prevent shoplifting in your store?

 The cost to prevent shoplifting can be incredibly low compared to the cost of theft. If you spend an extra $100.00 of payroll to take the time to train your employees on how to spot a shoplifter you could save hundreds! Everything from an open merchandising floor plan to simply greeting every one of your customers can deter shoplifters from your business. Even further, if you spend a few hundred on retail anti theft devices you can save thousands.

 When you look at it this way, don’t you think it’s time to prevent shoplifting in any way you can?

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