How An Alpha Cable Lock Can Pull You Out Of The Ice Age And Into The 21st Century.

I was in one of the major retail stores the other day and was interested to see that the location had a contract security person at the exit. This is the only store in my area that I have ever seen a guard and it made me wonder why. Of course my law enforcement/loss prevention background peaked my curiosity, part of my DNA I suppose. I had to ask myself: Does the store have an unusually high level of theft, if so why? Are there procedural issues with the local authorities or slow response times? To my knowledge the store is not in a high crime area, comparatively speaking, so is it just a deterrent? If so is it a cost efficient means to prevent shoplifting?


I manage a loss prevention program for a large company and I manage all of the guard contracts for our locations. I do agree that guards are a good option in certain circumstance, don’t get me wrong, but is it a good use of resources in this instance? I am very well aware of the cost associated with full time guard services and it isn’t cheap. Based on the average rates for a security guard in my area it would cost approximately $11,000.00 a month to provide 24/7 security coverage for this store, not counting OT/Holiday Pay. Granted the sales at this particular store are probably substantial, but I also noticed these guards are not participating in any loss prevention activities. They are not watching shoppers or checking receipts and/or goods, there are no alarms at the door to notify the officer of a theft; so do they prevent shoplifting? Are they even utilized in the event that a shoplifter is detained by a retail or loss prevention employee? In my experience I would venture to say these guards are not having a significant impact on reducing theft, or providing any real deterrence. There are so many more cost efficient means to protect retailers and reduce theft.Using Security Guards, as a means to prevent shoplifting, is an antiquated attempt and should not be your first option.


If you are in retail I would highly recommend Alpha Cable Locks to secure your property. They are an effective and cost efficient method to protect your inventory and increase profit. I really like the device because it is durable, reliable and comes in various sizes to allow for use on different types of merchandise. The locks can be used at the retailers discretion based on the value, location, or the theft rate of the item. They are re-useable because they are attached to the merchandise at the store level, and removed at the time of sale. They are battery operated, which allows for a more efficient and dependable product. 


Alpha Cable Locks and many other Alpha Technology products are designed to secure and notify associates of theft, and reduce overhead, by supplementing existing loss prevention programs. So, as warm and fuzzy as that guard makes me feel when I enter the store (that is sarcasm by the way); their presence more than likely does nothing to prevent shoplifting.  As a police officer I have seen shoplifters go to great lengths to conceal property on their person, and I doubt the guard at the door will cause them to reconsider this type of behavior. So before you consider hiring security services, do your research, and become more informed on your options because each individual retailer is different. Don’t get stuck using archaic security practices when there are so many current and relevant options available to you. 


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