Helping to Prevent Shoplifting in Atlanta GA

Helping to Prevent Shoplifting in Atlanta GA

Storeowners and retail managers continue to search for foolproof ways to prevent shoplifting.  The only foolproof method is to lock merchandise in a vault and escort customers in one at a time accompanied by an armed guard or two.  Even then, there’s a possibility that some sticky fingered thief will get away with something.  For sure, sales would suffer.

Prevention begins with the display type and location.  High theft/high value items may be kept in a locking cabinet and taken out at a customer’s request.  Display merchandise to reduce hidden areas and don’t hide merchandise behind displays or around corners where it is difficult to monitor by sales people or cashiers.

Being instructed on how to prevent shoplifting should be part of each new employee’s orientation process, and the subject of ongoing training for everyone.  Shoplifting awareness is an undervalued but important prevention measure.

Excellent customer service by the staff to each visitor will also cause a shoplifter to feel self-conscious as if he was being watched, and deter the crime of shoplifting in many cases.

Some anti shoplifting programs call for the use of visible deterrents like convex mirrors and exposed or hidden cameras.  These have their uses, but are really not a barrier to a determined shoplifter.

Still other retailers depend on retail anti theft devices.  Benefit deniers (ink tags), EAS systems like those made by Checkpoint Security Systems including Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint tags, or some other type of local alarm.

Depending on several factors, each location should develop and use any or all methods necessary to prevent shoplifting and save profits.

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