Prevent shoplifting loss for increased profits

Large corporate retailers faced with theft and other shrinkage problems can turn to their own loss prevention staff to alleviate their problems, whether it’s shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud, or plain old carelessness in the operation of the business.

But the smaller guys are faced with the same problems, and without on staff investigators.  They often attempt to act as their own experts in loss prevention; however, this method frequently brings less than optimum results leaving them open to similar problems in the future.

So how do these smaller retailers prevent shoplifting loss?  Most turn to a contractor who specializes in preventing shoplifting loss, and other losses, to design a strategy specific to their needs that they can manage partly or entirely on their own.

And with the slim net margin average of 2%, a retailer that implements a plan to prevent shoplifting loss can see dramatic net margin increases immediately.  a $100 loss at a 2% net requires $5,000 in sales to recover.  Prevent 1% of annual loss and the difference is a 50% net margin increase!

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