Have you considered EAS tags to prevent shoplifting of your little things??

Stop right there.  Minds out of the gutters.  You can certainly use retail anti theft devices such as EAS tags to prevent shoplifting of the under garments you may sell.  What I am talking about are your other accessories.  Items such as: sunglasses, belts, shoes, handbags, small packaged items, etc.  They say “big things come in small packages” for a reason.  That reason is that many small accessories are quite expensive.

 For many years EAS tags came in two types.  The first is hard tags that are generally large and require a pin and label to attach the tag to the item.  Can’t really use that on sunglasses.  The other option was to use soft tags, but those are a little easier to remove than hard tags.  Well now there are hard tags from Alpha Security designed to fit these smaller and unique items.  Alpha’s “Mag Accessory Tags” and “Eyewear Tags” can be used on your existing AM and RF EAS systems. 

 The Eyewear tags are made specifically for putting on glasses.  These can go on sunglasses or even prescription glasses that you may sell.  They are durable and hard for shoplifters to remove.  Since they will trigger your EAS alarm they will go a long way toward reducing theft.

 The Mag Accessory Tag is the other great option for small items.  They are less bulky than traditional hard tags and have a small corded loop that is used to attach to the product versus a pin that goes through the product.  These can be applied to most anything but boxes and will prevent shoplifting much better than traditional soft tags. 

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