Go Ahead, Put It On Display

When someone wants to purchase an item, they want to see it. They want to put their hands on it and test it out. While that is a good thing for a consumer to want, not every customer is respectful in how they inspect their potential purchase.

 I see slews of open packaging around my stores from customers who insist on opening up a box to look at an item they potentially want to purchase. Even when a display is available, they have a real need to open the box.

 Most of them do it out of curiosity to really “see” their item. They are also worried that they need to inspect an item for damages. Not realizing how big of a mess they will make when they start to undo tape and cardboard and Styrofoam, and user manuals. The list goes on.

 Depending on how well it is packed, some customers give it up as a bad job long before they even get to the merchandise inside. All to often, the irony hits as they look for damages, they end up breaking or dropping the items trying to get it unpacked.

 When you use a spider wrap you are doing more for your inventory than just preventing shoplifting. You are helping to facilitate damage reduction through proper customer service.

 This retail anti theft device forces a customer to an associate for help. The Spider Wrap can be undone at any register, so you associates can carefully open boxes to look for damages without causing more of them.

 Go ahead and put your products on display. Spider Wraps will keep your displays usable and your boxes damage free.

 Visit the Loss Prevention Store for retail anti theft devices in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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