Get more value with your retail anti theft devices with Nano Gate.

For those with retail anti theft devices by Alpha Security you have probably noticed a reduction in theft.  Alpha’s EAS tags are a great product to prevent shoplifting.  But are you getting the full use out of your Alpha 3 alarm technology?

 The Nano Gate is a product that is commonly left out when purchasing the Alpha system, but is an important component.  The Nano Gate can be placed in strategic sections of your business to help you get the most of your 3 alarm technology.  When items with the 3 alarm tags pass by the Nano Gate it activates the alarm on the sensor tag.  This brings unwanted attention to the customer, employee or vendor trying to steal and gives you reasonable cause to do a package inspection.  (It’s hard to say the alarm going off in your pocket or bag isn’t a tag). 

 The Nano Gate is a great solution as it has plug and play installation so it can be put anywhere.  You can install it at your entrance and exits.  It can be installed by restrooms to keep thieves from stealing product in there.  I can be installed at your back receiving doors to keep vendors and employees from walking product out of the back.  Wherever you want to install the Nano Gate you can.  It is a great solution to bolster your current anti-theft program and will help reduce theft from all parties.

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