Foil Their Plans – Alpha 3 Alarm

If you look at modern day methods of shoplifting, you will find one in particular has been a little difficult to combat – foil lined bags or jackets. When retail anti-theft devices are concealed in the foil lining of those bags or jackets, it potentially will not register an alarm like it is supposed to. The thief can remove the tag at their leisure in their own private surroundings, once they have safely exited the store without detection.

Alpha Security, knowing that this has been an ongoing problem, has made a new line of retail anti-theft devices known as Alpha 3 Alarm.

They have preformed a series of tests where they envelope Alpha 3 Alarm products in a layer of foil. They measure the results and work up to four layers of foil.

What they found was the second layer that was added creates a small bubble that the Alpha 3 Alarm tag doesn’t register in. However, increasing the number of layers of foil does not increase that bubble.

Alpha 3 Alarm products secure the merchandise better to prevent shoplifting of those items, compared to other manufacturers retail anti-theft devices.

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