Find Your Silver Lining – Alpha 3 Alarm

Since the beginning of time, we have been bartering and selling wares to our neighbors and communities. Since the beginning of time, there have been those who are bound and determined to find ways to steal those wares. Shopkeepers have since been forced to find ways to prevent shoplifting.

If you fast forward to modern day methods, you will find one in particular has been a little difficult to combat – foil lined bags or jackets. If retail anti-theft devices (like an EAS tag) are concealed in the foil lining of those bags or jackets, it potentially will not register an alarm like it is supposed to. The thief can remove the tag at their leisure in their own private surroundings.

Alpha Security realized that this has been an ongoing problem and has made a new series of retail anti-theft devices including the Alpha 3 Alarm.

They have performed a series of tests where they wrap one of their Alpha 3 Alarm tags in a layer of foil. They measure the results and work up to four layers of foil. The second added layer creates a small bubble that the Alpha 3 Alarm tag doesn’t register in. However, increasing the layers does not increase that bubble.

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