ENGAGED associates prevent shoplifting.

Now this does not mean that your associates need to be on the cusp of marriage to prevent shoplifting.  What this does mean is that your associates need to be ENGAGING customers in order to prevent shoplifting.  Many companies have a “Greet within 10 feet” slogan or something to that effect.  This goes beyond good customer service and actually helps deter shoplifting as well.

 Shoplifters don’t want to be given attention or acknowledged.  They want to come in, do their dirty deeds and then leave.  Just the engagement of the associate lets the potential shoplifter know that they are not just a ghost moving around the store and that goes a long way to deterring theft.  Secondly, you want to add retail anti theft devices to the mix.  This slows down a shoplifter and gives that good ENGAGING associate more time to find them. 

 A shoplifter tries to average being in and out of the store in under 2 minutes.  If you have a number of customers your associates may not be able to greet that potential shoplifter in that 2 minute time frame.  If you have retail anti theft devices such as EAS tags or Keeper cases then you just added time to the shoplifter’s trip.  Most shoplifters who know what they are doing will try to remove the retail anti theft devices prior to stealing the product.  Now that they have to try to remove the EAS tag or Keeper case your associates now have more time to find them, greet them and customer service them right down to your competitor.  We all say two heads are better than one and in the same respect the combination of ENGAGED associates and anti theft tools are the best way to prevent shoplifting.

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