Employee Theft – 17-Year Career Down the Drain in Georgia

In a strange case of employee theft – ex employee theft in this case – a retired assistant school superintendant was arrested and charged with stealing 3 to 20 gallons of gasoline from a school facility.  Read the entire story here.

 The employee theft investigation by the local police department was initiated based on information received from some bus mechanics who observed the former assistant superintendant filling a gas can.  He was in his personal pickup truck and had several fuel containers in the bed of the truck.

 The former county official who had retired 8 months earlier was employed at the time by the state board of education as consultant, but resigned his position immediately without giving a reason.

 He has been released on bond.

 This individual potentially had a lot to lose by committing employee theft, but decided to go ahead and take the chance anyway.  He may have felt what he was doing was OK based on his position or the convenience of the location, but apparently his former employers disagreed.

 Internal theft is a huge problem in both the public and the private sector.  One of the disadvantages facing private businesses is that theft, especially employee theft, can affect the business enough to shut it down, so it’s vital that internal theft be kept to minimum.

 Any hint of internal theft should trigger an employee theft investigation, because frequently the problem goes much deeper and is more widespread than it appears on the surface.  Once detected, the act of internal theft should be analyzed and the affect it has had on the business thoroughly considered.

 It’s not normally a good idea for a business owner or manager to undertake his own employee theft investigation.  No matter how hard he tries, it is next to impossible to maintain an objective opinion when there is a relationship between the investigator and the investigated.  And involvement in the business creates a preconceived idea of the ways the business is run. 

 Outside involvement from a corporate fraud investigator can open the door to wide areas of theft that were unknown to those who run the business.  The eyes of the professional corporate fraud investigator are not only trained to see signs of theft, but they are fresh to the business, noticing activities that are suspicious but overlooked by local management.

 There are employees with far less to lose than the alleged gasoline thief.  Don’t be blind-sided by employee theft.

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