Educating Your Customers – Alpha Shark Tag

How do you educate your customers so they know what they can and cannot do when they see the Alpha Shark Tag? The customers won’t have any idea what the tag is designed for. If they do not have any education, you can create customer issues.

Legitimate customers may automatically take the tag off when they get home, not knowing that it needs to stay on. If they later change their mind and return the item, you wouldn’t want a declined return from a customer who honestly had not worn the item.

The easiest solution is to attach a hangtag to the pin that holds the tag to the garment. The Alpha Shark Tag should now have a copy of the store’s return policy and the removal instructions attached to it. If you are looking for examples, Alpha Security has made one to be used.

Now, in addition to the cashier or salesperson verbally explaining the Alpha Shark Tag at the point of purchase, there is a written instruction physically attached to the tag. When used together, there should not be any confusion as to what the tag does, as well as how and when to remove it.

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