Don’t Question Too Much – Alpha Security

Retail anti-theft devices made by Alpha Security are designed to be more than a one size fits all solution. One size fits all might work with some things, but not with retail anti-theft devices. In order to truly protect your inventory assets, you need to prevent shoplifting in ways that are specific to your needs.

The Alpha Spider Wrap is one of the best examples of solution specific retail anti-theft devices. It is made primarily to protect merchandise that is boxed. The merchandise might be anything from popular gaming systems to expensive baby monitors. When I used the Alpha Security Alpha Spider Wrap it was for power tools.

You see, most of these boxed items are easy to be used or sold without the boxes. It was not uncommon for us to hear about guys going onto job sites trying to sell power tools at a “fair” price. Since most laborers are required to provide their own tools for the job, many of them have no problems buying them out of a box for far less than they could pay for them in a store. They just knew not to ask too many questions.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store for Alpha 2Alarm, Alpha 3Alarm, Alpha Fashion2, Alpha Jewel Lok, Alpha Nano Gate,  Alpha Shark Tag, Alpha Spider Wrap and other retail anti-theft devices from Alpha Security to use in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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