Don’t want your employees chasing shoplifters? Prevent Shoplifting!

Have you ever seen the movie Empire Records? There’s a really funny scene in this movie where a shoplifter is seen by some of the employees. The kid tries to run out of the store and a “Benny Hill” type of chase scene ensues. The employees eventually get the shoplifter and though the scene is hilarious, it’s not exactly practical. You don’t want your employees risking their safety by trying to chase down shoplifters.

 If the store had been utilizing different skills to prevent shoplifting this might not have been necessary.

 If you run a small boutique or record store in this case you may not have a giant corporation backing you up with internal theft investigators, and fancy anti theft programs but I’ve got good news for you. You don’t need these things to prevent shoplifting in your store.

 In my many years of working retail, ranging from giant companies to small boutiques, one thing has always remained the same. Good customer service will prevent shoplifting every time! You can train your employees to pay attention to provide excellent customer service and protect your merchandise at the same time.

 A greeter at your front doors lets your customers know that you are happy to see them while letting possible shoplifters know they have been seen eye to eye by at least one employee.

 A sales clerk on the floor can easily walk around the store and help your customers get thing from high shelves and make suggestions to up-sale your customers while keeping an eye on the corners and aisles where you are experiencing loss.

 A fitting room attendant can help your customers get the right sizes and offer opinions while counting items going into and leaving the fitting room.

 These are simple loss prevention techniques that you can utilize to prevent shoplifting in your store so your employees don’t feel the need to chase down shoplifters!

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