Don’t Look Back

When you watch shoplifters, you pick up on mannerisms that normal, honest shoppers don’t generally exhibit. Of course, the opposite is true that normal shoppers do things that shoplifters generally don’t.

 One of those traits is that normal shoppers will pay for all of the merchandise they want. Sometimes shoplifters try to deceive you by paying for a portion of the items they have in their possession. There is usually items concealed on their person, or there are items concealed inside of something, the box they are buying, or maybe in their purse.

 In almost all of the incidents of shoplifting that I have encountered in my tenure is that shoplifters will do the “look back” on their way out the door. They are watching to see if someone is following them. They are also testing the waters to see if they missed any retail anti theft devices on their hidden product.

 Using a Nano Gate in the department will sound the alarm before a shoplifter gets close to an exit door. Employees can even use the Nano Gate in back areas of the store to prevent shoplifting. In cases of shoplifters setting off emergency exits, Nano Gates will sound before the 15 second timer on a fire door comes up.

 Next time you see a shoplifter, watch as they look back before exiting. Watch them ditch the merchandise even faster with Nano Gates in the right areas.

 Visit the Loss Prevention Store for retail anti theft devices in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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