Do you use Keeper cases to prevent shoplifting?

I bet the answer is “No”, but hopefully you will reconsider.  Keeper cases are one of many great retail anti theft devices produced by Alpha Security in an effort to help you prevent shoplifting.  I had never heard of Keeper cases until about a year ago when I changed jobs.  The new company I went to work for started using them after we saw them at a conference.  I have been more than impressed with line of retail anti theft devices that we use from Alpha Security.

 The Keeper case is great for small items.  There are many different sizes and shapes that can be used to fit specific commodities and then there are other boxes that can be used as a “catch all” for whatever you need protecting.  Some of the specific commodities that are offered are cases for: video games / DVD’s, Razors, Family Planning items, Blank DVD spindles, Infant Formula, etc.  Again, there are generic Keeper cases as well that you can use for other boxed merchandise.  I have a variety of other items that I use them for (i.e. cosmetics, over the counter medicines, small electronics, etc.). 

 The Keeper case is a clear hard plastic box that locks the merchandise inside.  It has a built in non-deactivatible tag in the top that will work with your existing EAS system so no other hardware is required.  You can simply get the cases you need and start to prevent shoplifting immediately.  Another great feature is that you can get clips to hang the Keeper cases on pegs or you can stock directly on the shelf.  This sometimes helps in merchandising odd shaped packages as the case has a flat bottom and stacks nicely without falling over.  Finally, you get the security of locked products without the negative impact of customers having to wait for someone to get the product for them.  They can self-serve and bring to the register.

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