Do Not Mix – Alpha Fashion2

If there are two things I have always felt that don’t mix, it has to be shoes and retail anti-theft devices. I completely understand that shoe departments are traditionally a high theft area, but finding good ways to prevent shoplifting is difficult at the very least.

Retail anti-theft devices like a hard tag and pin configuration are so limited. At my very first retail job I was assigned the task of retagging the entire shoe department because some inexperienced (or apathetic) clerk put the tags on the wrong way. The large, bulky ink tag part was on the inside of the shoe (instead of the pin) and no one could comfortably try them on.

That was assuming there was a shoelace eye to thread the pin tag through. Dress shoes, sandals, or loafers were left to their own devices, as there was no good place to thread the pin through.

Now, with the help of the Alpha Security Alpha Fashion2 Accessory Tag, there are more skillful ways to prevent shoplifting. The Alpha Fashion2 is a small lanyard that can thread through even the smallest of details on a dress shoe. The smaller overall size of the tag also helps keep it customer friendly so it does not take away from a customer trying the shoes on.

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