Did you know Public View Monitors actually prevent shoplifting?

Stores have been using camera systems for decades in order to catch and prevent shoplifting.  One popular component of camera systems is the use of Public View Monitors (or PVM).  The Public View Monitor is a video monitor that is placed on the sales floor where customers can see themselves on the screen.  This shows them that they are, in fact, being recorded.  The main reason for using retail anti theft devices is to prevent shoplifting and that is precisely what PVM’s can do for you.

 We use a variety of retail anti theft devices in our stores.  All have a different purpose.  For example, we use sensor tags because it will cause an alarm and bring unwanted attention to a shoplifter.  We use Keeper cases and Spider wraps in an effort to keep shoplifters from walking out with product.  We use things like ink tags so that if tampered with the merchandise will be rendered unusable and thus not worth the thief’s time to try.  The PMV’s are used for a different reason.  These are used to show shoplifters that they will be recorded on video and that we, and quite possibly the police, will know exactly who they are. 

 Shoplifters don’t want to be known.  They know that just because they don’t get locked up today doesn’t necessarily mean they got away free and clear.  I have had success prosecuting numerous thieves by filing a police report and turning over the video of a theft.  The police are then able to link the theft at my store with someone caught elsewhere or even pulled over for a traffic violation.  With that said, when a would-be shoplifter knows they are on video they are much more likely to go to another store where perhaps they are not being recorded.

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