Deny, Deny, Deny

It would seem that to keep a product out on display and to also have it impervious to theft would be two conflicting sides of the coin. In all my years of trying to prevent shoplifting, I know that using the right retail anti theft devices can allow you, as a merchandiser, to do just that.

 When you are using a product like the Jewel Lok, you create a product denial scenario. It is a basic principal of retail loss prevention. If a thief cannot get to the product they desire, they will not steal it.

 Keeping merchandise under constant supervision, or lock and key, doesn’t always make a happy shopper. So switch out your lock boxes and display cases to the Jewel Lok. The customers have a full range of access to the jewelry, and you get to keep the jewelry on the cards until it is time to purchase.

 Jewel Loks attach directly on to the jewelry, which is something that wasn’t done in the past. Before, retail anti theft devices only attached to the package or jewelry cards. This made it easy for shoplifters to separate the two parts and sneak off with the half they wanted.

 By eliminating the ease of discarding the package and the old retail anti theft devices, you create what is known as product denial.

 Your customers have access, but your shoplifters are left out in the cold with nothing left to steal.

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