Decisions to Prevent Shoplifting – Atlanta Georgia

No one is in a better position to make decisions about solutions to prevent shoplifting than the affected business owner.  These decisions should never be made without a complete analysis of the factors that caused the inventory shrinkage problem and gaining all the information he can possibly obtain.  This is a decision that should not be made by the seat of the pants.

The cause of the problem may be obvious.  Management may receive reports from employees or even customers that have witnessed theft by shoppers.  Merchandise may mysteriously be missing from its place of display.  There are any number of things that may signal a shoplifting problem, the most serious being inventory loss that translates into lost profits.

One of the most effective solutions to prevent shoplifting comes from Checkpoint Security Systems.  The use of antennas from Checkpoint Systems, along with Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels will alert store personnel when an item that has not been paid for is leaving the store or department, but will deter all but the most determined shoplifter from attempting to steal from the store as well.

Antennas from Checkpoint Security Systems can detect tags on merchandise of all shapes and sizes.  There are Checkpoint tags designed to protect everything from hardware to underwear.  Checkpoint labels are attached to groceries, boxes, packages, and some types of apparel.   Almost any type or style of high theft merchandise can be protected by a tag or label from Checkpoint Security Systems.

No matter the size of the business, a Checkpoint Security System will be a cost effective solution because profit gained from selling merchandise that would have otherwise been stolen will quickly recover the cost of the system.

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