Cops and Robbers 2.0

Growing up, my favorite game to play with my neighborhood friends was cops and robbers, and I always chose the role of the “good guys.” And whatever scenario we were acting out that day, I never let my robber playmates get away without sending them to jail in my playhouse. Throughout my Loss Prevention career, I have taken on the same “us vs. them” mentality towards preventing theft because my objective is in direct conflict with a shoplifter’s. As a result, I am always looking for ways to reduce my store’s vulnerability to the inevitable pilferage that all retailers are subjected to.

 One way I do this is by effectively utilizing merchandise protection strategies provided by my employer. While working for a big box retailer, my favorite retail anti-theft device was the spider wrap. I favored this solution because with proper application and the absence of loose cables, this is one of the most difficult products to defeat. Wraps enabled with 2 Alarm technology sound off if tampered with or the wires are cut and they signal the EAS to alarm. Even better, 3 Alarm wraps have the additional feature of self-alarming when taken from the store.

 As I mentioned above, spider wraps are difficult to defeat. Personal experience and frequenting websites and blogs designed to help shoplifters have taught me this. When questions are posted on how to remove wraps from products, a simple answer is never provided. Aside from buying an S3 key online or holding the product with the wrap under water in the toilet to short out the alarm, it’s not easy. As most of us in Loss Prevention know, any anti-theft device can be defeated if a person has time and tools (and privacy). The success of these products increases when a store has an effective sales team. That way, the shoplifter will never be able to get the merchandise to the bathroom.

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