Coordinating with Management to Prevent Shoplifting

If you’ve been in this business for any amount of time you realize that coordinating with management to prevent shoplifting can be a difficult task. The job of management in a retail environment is to make merchandise as accessible as possible to the customer in hopes that they will be more apt to purchase it. The loss prevention investigator knows that every customer could potentially be a thief so they’re trying to keep the merchandise from being readily accessible to these types of individuals. It’s like plaids and stripes, these 2 ideals just don’t go together.

For this reason it is vital that the loss prevention investigator have superior communication skills and be able to convey his concerns and his strategy to prevent shoplifting in a clear and concise manner. Years ago, in one of my stores, we created “the horseshoe” to combat a growing shoplifting problem with small, easily concealed merchandise. Essentially the racks were arranged to form a horseshoe or “U” shape and everyone who walked into the horseshoe was watched like a hawk. Inevitably theft went down significantly.  Recently the management staff felt that the horseshoe was limiting customer access and was to blame for the decreased sales in that department.

As a result, the horseshoe was dismantled. Sales did make a slight increase but shrink in that department went through the roof. At that point it was easy to point out to management that the small increase in sales didn’t cancel out the large increase in theft. The horseshoe was back within a month and shoplifting leveled off. You have to consider the needs of the business above all else. If you can build a strong working relationship between your loss prevention investigator and your management staff you will make it that much easier to prevent shoplifting in your store. 

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