Checkpoint Tag and Label Offerings

Checkpoint’s broad range of tag and label offerings gives retailers more options to prevent shoplifting than any other Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology. The reason is that all of Checkpoint’s tags and labels are radio frequency-based, allowing retailers to protect apparel with reusable hard tags, flex tags or designer tags while using disposable labels for all other merchandise. Checkpoint sensors will detect any Checkpoint RF tag or label – reusable and disposable.

Checkpoint’s disposable EAS tags and labels provide retailers with a versatile and wide selection. Available in a range of sizes, Checkpoint’s paper-thin RF labels prevent shoplifting by protecting all types of merchandise found in drugstores, supermarkets, mass merchandiser, apparel stores, liquor stores, hardware stores and sporting goods stores. All of Loss Prevention Systems’ Checkpoint disposable tags and labels are deactivatable without having to be found or touched during checkout like AM systems.

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