Caveat Venditor – Let the Seller Beware

When you work in either high-end retail or in a specialty store, presentation is one of the most important things. More conversations, meetings and conference calls take place centered on merchandising and visual standards than any other topic imaginable. It was always a caveat of any programs I was implementing that above all else, it MUST not impede the presentation.

 So there go big bulky tags, locked boxes, and tangled cords. So how do I sell my loss prevention strategies to prevent shoplifting? By getting the smallest most discreet retail anti theft devices possible. After some research, I found the Nano Gate.

 The Nano Gate is at the height of technological innovation. Not only does it do what the regular EAS pedestals do, but also it is nice to look at. A slim line, it can be put at the doors without the feeling of walking into Ft. Knox. It can also be used in smaller pads of the store. That expensive designer handbag wall? It can be placed near it to detect if someone wanders a bit to far away with a bag.

 The Nano Gate is perfect for stores with a small footprint. The compact design allows for versatility in placement. You can position it just about anywhere you want. It is a great way to get your upscale stores to realize that ways to prevent shoplifting don’t have to be ways to prevent sales.

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