Can you really have a business that doesn’t use retail anti theft devices?

Of course.  Is it recommended?  Not really.  Shoplifting is a real part of any retail environment.  The solution to prevent shoplifting is fairly easy.  The answer is retail anti theft devices.

 There are a variety of retail anti theft devices.  One major device is the EAS system.  EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance.  In short, these are the noise makers at the door that beep when merchandise walks through that has security tags on them.  Putting tags on merchandise is a great way to prevent shoplifting.  Shoplifters by nature are sneaky.  They want to come in and go out without much attention.  If a shoplifter knows that the product they are stealing is going to set off an alarm then the whole “sneaky” thing goes out the window.  This is the deterrent effect that you want to have.  The hard part is getting the employees involved.

 In order to really prevent shoplifting you have to have a team effort.  Retail anti theft devices work to alert the associates of merchandise that might not be paid for, but it is still up to them to respond.  If a shoplifter sees someone set off the alarm and nobody pays attention then the deterrent effect is lost.  Not going to prevent much shoplifting that way.  A proper system is one where the employees actively engage the customer who set off the alarm.  That lets the potential shoplifters know that they will be questioned and their bags checked if they mess up and take product that has sensor tags on it.  Now we have a solution that will prevent shoplifting.

 Just remember, retail anti theft devices are designed to alert associates of a problem.  It is still their job to give good “customer service”.

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