Business Owner Uses Social Media to Prevent Shoplifting


Always looking for new ways to prevent shoplifting, and Eau Claire business owner has tried a rather new method. Link to full story here.

 The owner of a downtown children’s boutique noticed a pregnant shopper who seemed “very normal” walking around the store and looking at the merchandise.  The shopper went upstairs and continued to look through the racks of clothing.  The owner saw that when the shopper come down from the second level of the shop, she was carrying a large shopping bag with her coat draped over it.

 This made the owner suspicious and she began to watch the shopper, thinking that her presence might prevent shoplifting if that’s what the customer was thinking.

 When a deliveryman came in with a package, the shopper took advantage and followed closely behind him as he left the store.

 Still suspicious, the owner decided to review the recording from the store’s CCTV system to see if there had indeed been any theft going on.  Sure enough, the video showed the woman taking several items of clothing and putting them in the bag.  The video confirmed what the owner suspected:  She had been victimized by a thief.

 The owner happened to be working on an ad for a page she maintained on a popular social networking website.  She realized that she had over 1400 “fans” of her site and wondered if any of them might know her shoplifter.  She used her smart phone to record the video of the shoplifter in action and uploaded it to the social networking web site for all her visitors to see.

 It remains to be seen if there will be any results from the posting, but this does show the frustration business owners experience when customers steal from them.  It also demonstrates that retailers are always ready to use new and innovative ways to prevent shoplifting.

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