Big Store/Small Store: Prevent Shoplifting

The big box stores seem to have unlimited resources to devote to ways to prevent shoplifting, from a dedicated staff of loss prevention professionals to buying and using the latest and greatest retail theft prevention devices.

The “Mom and Pop” retail operations are able to everything the major retailers can do, although they have to do it on a smaller and more economical scale.

Although there may be no budget for a loss prevention staff, the duties of LP can be allocated among the other employees: management, sales, and stock.  Have both a prevention plan to deter shoplifters and an action plan so that everyone knows what to do if there is an actual shoplifting event occurring.  Be sure that everyone, especially management, knows what to do and takes part in the effort to prevent and detect shoplifting.

Prevention is the preferred way to avoid shoplifting losses, as opposed to recovering the stolen merchandise from the shoplifter, as it avoids confrontations and unpleasant situations occurring on the sales floor.  Not all shoplifters will go quietly to the office to talk the incident over.

One of the best and most painless ways to get a shoplifter’s attention and let him know that there are better places to steal is with the purchase and use of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) by Checkpoint Security Systems.  This is the equalizer between the large stores and the smaller operations.

The placement of the Checkpoint Security Systems antennas at the customer entrance/exit serves as a deterrent to any potential thief because it announces that this store takes shoplifting seriously by it presence.  The shoplifter will realize that his chances of being caught just went up exponentially.

All merchandise is protected either by Checkpoint tags or Checkpoint labels.  When the merchandise passes through the antennas with an active tag or label, an alarm sounds, alerting staff to attend to the customer who is exiting the store.  This is done in a low key, quiet manner, so as to not attract the attention of other shoppers.  The Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels can only be removed or deactivated by sales clerks at the point of sale with specialized equipment.

Shoplifters know Checkpoint Security Systems and avoid retail businesses that use them.  If a rat has a choice of taking the cheese that is in a trap or cheese that isn’t, which do you think he would choose?

Prevent shoplifting at your location and send the shoplifters on to other stores bu using Checkpoint Systems equipment.

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