Bad Luck For Shoplifter, Prevent Shoplifting With A Bit Of Humor Attached!

Some people should not be allowed out in public unsupervised. This shoplifter is one of them. You have to see the humor in it though. This is a great idea to prevent shoplifting !

Bad luck for shoplifter
(Jun. 24)

A suspected shoplifter who evaded loss prevention officer at a Home Depot in southeast San Diego was apprehended after he ran into a throng of two dozen police officers gathered for a public service event, according to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The 21-year-old suspect, who was not named in the article, ran out of the store’s parking lot and made a right turn, running in the direction of a gathering of 25 officers, including members of a SWAT team, who had gathered at a school safety event at a YMCA. A radio dispatcher had already alerted the officers, who filed outside, weapons ready, to intercept the suspect.

The merchandise was later recovered in a brown bag, which the suspect discarded along the way.


Imagine the look in the shoplifters face when he runs into the SWAT team!
I love it, prevent shoplifting with the SWAT Team and a couple dozen other officers,

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