Avoiding Spider Bites

As I new homeowner, I spend a lot of my free time in one of two places; the hardware store and in the home décor section of big box retailers. Having worked for a home improvement warehouse in the past, my eye is still instinctively trained to watch out for the high shrink items as I walk around. 

One of the things that my local store uses, which we did not, is Spider Wraps. These ingenious little devices are cords that cross a box like the ribbon on a present with a round attachment in the middle. They serve a few purposes in their role to prevent shoplifting.

 The first is easy, any time you use a retail anti theft device to protect your inventory, your shrink will decrease. The next is when used on an item like a power drill; you keep the product inside its case and packaging. The Spider Wrap protects the case from being opened. I have numerous apprehensions where the merchandise was removed from its case and concealed in a bag or under a coat.

 Finally, if the perpetrator cannot open the box, they may try to steal the entire thing. The Spider Wrap will do its job by sounding an alarm if the box is stolen. Don’t forget the squeal it will emit if the wrap is tampered with. All in all, it is safe to say that Spider Wraps are a highly effective tool to prevent shoplifting.

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