Are You Blood In The Water To A Shoplifter? – Atlanta Georgia

I never realized that so many smaller retailers are actually afraid to take proactive actions to prevent shoplifting in their stores. As an LP professional that has apprehended more shoplifters than I care to remember I have a difficult time with this fear. I can assure you that shoplifters will sense your fear and you WILL become one of their favorites. Its like blood in the water to a shark.

A proactive approach sends the message “leave me alone I am not afraid of you”. To prevent shoplifting you must not be afraid to provide great customer service. That is the foundation. Wow…this is something you strive for anyway. Great customer service drives your good customers into the store and drives the shoplifters out the door, down the street into your less prepared competitor.

Use Checkpoint security systems. This provides you with 24/7 security coverage on your merchandise. It never takes a day off or calls in sick. So when your floor coverage is low you are still protected.

You must call the police whenever you catch a shoplifter regardless of age, sex or any other factor. If you do not, the smell of blood will be in the water. If the shoplifter knows that the worst they face is harsh words from you or your staff then so what! Remember most states have merchant laws in place that protect you from both civil and criminal action. You just have to follow some simple rules. If you would like a copy of your states laws contact us.

A well-lighted, clean and neat store also tells shoplifter that you are on the ball and know where your merchandise is and account for it.

You and your staff need to be trained in how to deal with a shoplifter when you do make the decision to apprehend. But even more important you need to practice it before you do it in real life.

It is simple logic the shoplifter will take the path of least resistance. Make their path an uphill climb strewn with boulders and vines. They will go away!

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